Director duo from Beckmans challenge the Swedish filmmaking

By on December 25, 2016

Both had a major impact on their graduation projects, films Ivy Vigilante (2015) and Comedians (2016). Now the former Beckman Students Nathalie Hallman and Johanna Nyberg formed directing duo Cherry Cobra Films.

– Cherry Cobra is the best and worst buffet you can imagine, at the same time. We mix wildly references from Italian 70s horror, Americana, standup, porn, fashion film and art. We have a very maximalist expressions that challenge Swedish conventions when it comes to filmmaking. The spinal cord in Cherry Cobra is retro nostalgia, saturated colors, twisted stories and strong characters. We want to package it in a visual pastiche-like manner, but always bring a modern twist in our cinematic, narrative stories, says Nathalie.

Straight into the advertising film arena – contract with production company

The duo has recently signed a contract with the production company Hobby Film and adopts thereby the challenge to apply their ideas and designs on a commercial film.

It feels great in so many different ways, including that we were signed so soon after our graduation, given that it usually takes several years for most directors before they even end up on production companies.

Found each other at Beckmans

From the beginning, they met at a preparatory art school before they came in at Beckmans. But it was only during the Beckman time they found each other and realized that they have a common interest in film and storytelling.

We realized that we both are so far from the kitchen sink realism as you can get in our visual expression and ideas, so it was a given that we would join together and form directing duo Cherry Cobra! Johanna says and continues:

– All the projects we have taken upon us has been based in our great interest in storytelling and popular culture, and thus we have created a unique language that is translated in our filmmaking. The work ethic and DIY mentality at Beckmans, and the importance of networking, is the most valuable experience we take with us from our study to work.

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