Det är det – a performance by artist Anne Thulin

By on March 14, 2018

”Det är det” is an staged reading based on the poet Inger Christensen’s poetry ”Det”. For director, stageography and machining, the artist Anne Thulin stands. Participants make Bengt CW Carlsson, Nina Fex, Kicki Bramberg, Reuben Sallmander and members of the Romeo & Julia choir. First premiere in Tornrummet on April 11th.

“That. That was it. So it has begun. That is. That continues. Moves. Further. Becomes. Becomes that and that and that … So different now when it’s started.”

Det (published 1969), by the Danish poet Inger Christensen, is a creation story where the word itself becomes a creative force, while it is a contradictory force. Here, questions are examined based on the individual’s inner thoughts of being, as well as external conditions in the different worlds of society.

– With this performance, I want to highlight the word and voice in an expanding scene room. The text is like a incantation that creates a state of continuously future, says Anne Thulin.

Anne Thulin often goes from the word in her artistry, both visually and audibly. She works as an artist in Stockholm and New York. Her works have been shown in Sweden as well as internationally including Wanås Sculpture Park, Lund Art Hall, Gallery Charlotte Lund, Swedish Institute of Paris and the National Academy Museum, New York.

Conversation after presentation with Marie Silkeberg, poet and translator of Inger Christensen’s texts, and Anne Thulin.

The conversation will affect the performance Det är det, from the perspective of literary, visual and scenic art.

April 12, 15 min after performance in Tornrummet. Free entrance, first come (also applicable without ticket for the evening’s performance).

Det är det, April 11-14, in Tornrummet

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm