Desire that breaks limits – authentic stories about sex becomes Bar theater

By on March 31, 2017

Partner change in the hotel suite and prohibited flirting in the mosque. Bondage with a deacon in the forest, and sex on life and death. Stockholmers own stories about desire that breaks limits takes place on stage in the newly-written documentary piece Stockholm Lust. Lennart Jähkel, Kajsa Ernst, Isabel Reboia and Lars Bringås stands for the conformation, directed by Andreas Kundler. First performance May 3 at 21:15 at Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre.

Stockholm Lust contains authentic stories with Stockholmers. Amanda Glans have interviewed 30 people who shared their most intimate experiences of sexual encounters.

– What I discovered when I have done interviews is that people really want to talk about sex. Sexuality is very important and we choose different ways to set up sexuality in our lives. For many there is a criticism of civilization built into how their sex life looks like. Why should we be with a person for life, they think, and choose instead to their fantasies together, says Amanda Glans producer Storydox.

Of all interviewed has four been chosen as main stories. The theme of the basic stories is that there are obstacles in the way of the sexual encounter, but the urge is so strong that it makes you go over their own limits or the environment’s limits. To these basic stories have Tinder entered as a framework document.

On Tinder is it the opposite, there are no obstacles to sex – there are boundless normal. Online dating account for a large proportion of all relationships today. And it’s very not portrayed on stage, says director Andreas Kundler.

The performens gives in a late-night-show formats and is played at Café Klara evening hours.

– This is documentary theater that you can drink beer to. Bring a date or you may meet someone in the bar to go home with?, says director Andreas Kundler.

In the roles Lennart Jähkel and Kajsa Ernst who has starred in a number of productions at Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre and Lars Bringås coming back to Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre and Isabel Reboia makes her first role here. Isabel was last seen in Jävla parasiter! at Teater Tribunalen and has also worked as the host of the SVT children’s program “Bolibompa.

Stockholm lust is a part in Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre investment on documentary narrative and the project Stockholm talks that were initiated in spring 2016 by Dritëro Kasapi, assistant theater and performing arts manager. The show is produced in cooperation with Klara soup theater and Storydox.


First showing 3 May at Café Klara. Played to 27 May
Editor Amanda Glans
Director Andreas Kundler
Costume Gudrun Rösnes
Light Olle Axén

Cast: Lennart Jähkel, Kajsa Ernst, Isabel Reboia, Lars Bringås

Photographer: Frida Mathilde Agnaes

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