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By on August 28, 2019
The BT5 speaker from Audio Pro comes in 3 different colours.

In early September, Swedish company Audio Pro are pleased to announce the release of a new speaker within the Bluetooth category, the BT5.

“We have been working with a massive focus on multi-room speakers during the last few years (which of course have Bluetooth function as well). However, we do not wish to leave the category of Bluetooth-only since this is still a huge segment of the market. A WiFi network connection is not always available everywhere.” says Jens Henriksen, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Audio Pro. “That’s why we decided to create a speaker that breaks our mould in terms of finish and materials, without compromising our superior sound quality. Something capable of standing out within the segment of Bluetooth speakers.”

The BT5 will be launched in 3 aesthetically pleasing tones: beach-washed driftwood, rich walnut and polished black wood effect. Styled-upon the recent design-trend for reused wood and natural materials, each finish has a pleasing appeal that sets it apart from the more traditional block colours, with the aim to attract a wider audience.

Driftwood gives the feel of sun-bleached summer days and smooth, flowing motion of the waves, adding a nostalgic yet contemporary design feel to any interior. Walnut brings instant warmth with its deep undertones and natural grain wood-effect, perfect for rooms with more traditional flavours. Even the Black version is a little less ordinary that one would expect, with the hair-line finish adding unique character to bring the overlying colour alive.

The softly shaped corners of the BT5 makes the speaker appear to be more of a home decoration item than an ordinary speaker. The subtle inlay of the solid aluminium control panel and rounded-touch of the buttons is a well-known feature in Audio Pro’s existing award-winning designs; the C-series and T-series, whilst the contemporary fabric grille gives the BT5 the same sought-after Scandinavian simplicity of its older siblings; A10 and A40. Minimalism features throughout, with a Scandi-style design element that can be integrated into almost any interior.

Even for those that have followed the company over the years, the fact that Audio Pro have once again managed to create exceptional sounding audio from a refined wooden speaker cabinet never fails to mystify and amaze. However, it appears big sound from a small box is all in a day’s work for the award-winning audio brand, the BT5 being the latest in an ongoing testament to this.

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