Debuting NAIIVI released the single “I’m Leaving” last Friday

By on November 2, 2017

NAIIVI is a Swedish songwriter and artist. Her first single “I’m Leaving” focuses on the chasing feeling of wanting to escape. A reality escape from ourselves and life. Together with the producer Mats Björke (ex-Mando Diao) they have created a song that reflects how people always leave something and then return and leave again – without knowing why.

It was summer 2015 that Razzia Martina Ledinsky found something unusually interesting in Razzia’s inbox.

22-year-old NAIIVI, who besides writing music also devotes her time to studying sociology and political science at the university.
She started playing cello as a child, but did not want to be schooled classically – too strict and gloomy – but more and more moved to the alternative music scene and replaced celloon with the guitar. Then a summer day just over a year ago she was ready with her own demo that she sent away to that record company’s info address.

“When I found Naiivi’s demo in our inbox, I immediately knew that this was something we had to bite. Naiivi fits so incredibly well into Razzia’s roster (Säkert!, Thåström, Weeping Willows, Ossler, etc.), her voice is melancholy, dark and beautiful and she and Mats Björke have really dressed Naiivi in the amazing colors of the autumn and winter and produced a sound image that warped in a wonderfully warm way.” Says A&R Martina Ledinsky.

In the spring of 2017, Naiivi has created music according to her own, clear markers at the beginning of the career; it’s bleak, dark and passion-always in constant grip.

The producer Mats Björke has been an important engine in the project and the collaboration has resulted in the release of NAIIVIS debutsingel “I’m leaving” on 27 October and by the beginning of next year we can look forward to the EP “Dark Sunshine”.

You can hear NAIIVIs ”I’m Leavin” here>>

Insta: @thenaiivi

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music