Death Team released the song “Work”

By on February 7, 2017
Last Friday released the band Death Team, which consists of Mayka Edd and Johan Tilli, the song “Work”. It is about not wanting to go to work, but to do it anyway, because you have to pay rent and buy food to survive. It is also about to work hard for what you believe in and follow their dreams. Death Team hope it will inspire more people to do things they dream about.

This is one of the most honest songs we’ve ever written, says Mayka.

We wrote the song in Copenhagen together with our Danish friends Birk, says Johan. It was really cold outside and we drank a lot of coffee and ate Vietnamese takeaway food.

Death Team broke through with “Fucking Bitches In The Hood”, the song was # 1 on iTunes. Even the subsequent singles “Gold” (which was top 10 in the Global Spotify Viral Chart), “Jump” and “Dolphin Style” (where Death Team created the Dolphin Awareness Day to highlight dolphins in captivity) became successful and was played all frequently on the radio .
Last fall, the duo released the song “Messed Up” which was well received. Death Team was nominated in the “Group of the Year 2016” at the prestigious gala P3 Guld last month.
Listen to “Work” here >>
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