Dear reunion with KarMa Art at Gallery Ulfsunda

By on February 10, 2018

For the fourth year in a row, the artists Karin Holmström and Madeleine Santiago, who form the constable KarMa, put out their paintings at the castle. They have achieved great success and both are full-time artists today.

Something that was not obvious at first.

– I know it’s few who have the privilege to live on its art. Now we both do that which feels fantastic, says Karin Holmström.

Karin Holmström got a flying start with paintings on “Malou after ten” and exhibition at the Louvre in 2015. She has been full-time in the art for two years and works with gallerists both in Sweden and abroad. This spring it will be the art round Österlen, Brussels, London and Hong Kong.

Karin calls herself painting life explorer as it is within the creation she processes the surroundings and expresses emotions. It was the painting that helped her out of the sorrow after her father. Recurring are women, animals, the city, but also some abstract motifs. Her painting is figuratively abstract and works intensively in layers.

– I want you to be surprised and find something new in the painting even though it hung on the wall for several years, says Karin.

This summer, Madeleine decided to invest full time in art. The demand for Madeleine’s paintings rose rapidly after Pernilla Wahlgren fell for one of her “dress paintings” that the artist wrote about both at the blog and her Instagram. The painting is also seen often at the reality series Wahlgren’s world.

Madeleine has had several successful exhibitions in 2017, including the Affordable Art Fair, solo exhibition at Högberga gallery at Lidingö and Hägernäs Strand gallery. She has demand for art both in Sweden and abroad.

You recognize Madeleine’s art with different women’s portraits and women’s bodies, but also abstract and animal motifs. She creates warm happy colors in acrylic and blends in with accessories.

– I paint inside and out and share my thoughts and feelings on the canvas. It is a pleasure to inspire and spread joy to people through colors and different expressions, Madeleine says.

Gallery Ulfsunda, at Ulfsunda Castle, has for a few years allowed loving artists to exhibit their art at the castle. Each exhibition lasts for three months and starts with a vernissage. Here artists get the opportunity to reach a wider audience that may not usually move to galleries but still appreciate the good of life.

– We have long used art as part of the interior, and through the various art exhibitions at Ulfsunda Castle we want to showcase the artists we like, inspire our guests and offer unexpected experiences, said Torbjörn Blomqvist, owner of Ulfsunda Palace and Stockholm Meeting Selection.

Welcome to the bubble and mingle during our vernissage on February 17th between 13.15 and 15.00.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Bromma