David Shrigley – Exhibition of giant inflatable swan-things

By on June 20, 2018

Spritmuseum has invited David Shrigley to do a solo exhibition in the Absolut Art Collection gallery that will open September 27th 2018. David Shrigley was born in 1968 in Macclesfield, UK. He is now based in Brighton, England.

Shrigley has over the past 10-15 years attained a broad popularity and appeal both within and beyond the world of contemporary art. David Shrigley works mainly with simple ink drawings that in many cases use the language of comic strips and satirical caricatures. He also makes sculptures, animated films, music videos and public artworks. He is also active as a musician working under the name “Worried noodles”. His work is dark, violent, surreal, twisted and very funny. Shrigley lives and works in Glasgow where he has annoyed his neighbours for years by displaying a neon sign with the word ‘slum’ in front of his home.

Shrigley publishes much of his work in book form. He has also produced films as well as music videos for English pop bands, i.e. Blur. In 2005 he designed the cover of The London Underground map.

Shrigley’s well-known sculpture “Really Good,” a hand giving the thumbs up sign with an enlarged thumb, stands since 2016 as the fourth plinth at Trafalger Square. The sculpture will stand for two years and be taken down in March of 2018.

The work Shrigley made for Absolut is based on a play on the meaning of the word spirit, which can apply to alcohol as well as to ghosts and phantoms. The two floating heads with serpent bodies are perhaps attempting to use the Absolut bottle as a kind of ouija board to contact the “spirit world”. The absurdity of their activity is made all the more funny by their old-fashioned and dramatic use of language. Absolut has also made a play on the meaning of the word spirit in their recurring slogan “The spirit of Absolut”, which can refer to the alcohol itself or to some undefined magical sensibility associated with the product. It is perhaps this slogan that the two figures have misunderstood.

27 sep–31 mar, 2018 at Spritmuseum.

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