By on November 8, 2018

Singer / songwriter David Gray goes out on a European Tour this spring and release new music for the first time in four years. March 8, the new album “Gold In A Brass Age” is released. Wednesday the 8th of May reaches David Gray and the tour Circus in Stockholm.

With big hits like “Babylon”, “This Year’s Love” and “Sail Away”, British singer / songwriter David Gray is heading out for a tour next spring as well as releasing new music.

The new album “Gold In A Brass Age”, released on March 8, 2019, becomes the artists first in over four years and is released along with IHT Records / AWAL Recordings.

“With this album, my default position was to do everything differently. I didn’t think ‘this would be a good hook or ‘these lyrics could work for a chorus’. I was keen to get away from narrative. Instead of writing melodies, I looked for phrases with a natural cadence, so that the rhythm began with the words. I reimagined where a song might spring from and what form it could take.” – David Gray

In connection with the album release, the popular artist performs 24 concerts around Europe. On May 8, the tour will make a stop at Circus in Stockholm.

During his 25-year-old artist career, David Gray has released 10 studio albums and has been nominated for plural Brit and Grammy Awards. He has had three albums in Britain and the album White Ladder is the country’s fifth best-selling album in the 21st century.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm