Darin is back on Grönan’s Big Stage

By on April 12, 2018

He stood on the Big Stage for the first time in 2013, and then returned with his Swedish song material to a dedicated audience in 2016. With songs like “Ta mig tillbaka”, “En apa som liknar dig” and “Ja må du leva” he has sung into our hearts and on May 10 at 20.00 we will welcome Darin back to Gröna Lund’s Big Stage for the third time.

He has had several hits on the top lists, summer talked in P1 and in 2012 with TV4’s “Så mycket bättre”, where he made an unforgettable cover by Olle Ljungströms “En apa som liknar dig” and Magnus Ugglas “Astrologen”. Darin’s first single in Swedish “Ta mig tillbaka” was released in 2015 and sold 5 x platinum, topped radio lists, streaming lists and Svensktoppen for several months in a row. The album “Fjärilar i magen” came in 2016 and also sold the platinum and took the first place on the Swedish album list. Last year, Darin followed up with his second album in Swedish “Tvillingen”, which also entered the Swedish album list’s first place, and contains the hit series “Ja må du leva”. In the spring he will be on a big Sweden tour and on May 10th at 20.00 we will see him step out on Gröna Lund’s Big Stage for the third time.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm