Dared childrens circus without safety net by Tilde Björfors

By on January 6, 2018
Andreas Öhlund och Maria Therese

Kras is a new mini-circus performance by Tilde Björfors, founder of Circus Cirkör. In a trapet above a sea of crystal glass, the girl, higher and higher, swings completely with the feeling of flying. Kras is about being scared but still trying to dare. In the roles we see Tanja Lorentzon and Hamadi Khemiri.

Kras is acrobatics and theater in a tickling sensual performance that almost wordless explores the boundaries between fear and curiosity, risk and opportunity, glass and scratch.

– To face their fears through a child’s perspective is like getting into an entire universe of possibilities and inventiveness. This process has reminded me of the power of play and that the play is a never-ending source of life skills, says Tilde Björfors.

– Sometimes one might think that some people are so incredibly courageous. But maybe they just do not have so many fears to overcome. The most brave ones are probably those that are not seen in everyday life. For example, I’m not brave hanging in a trapets, but I’m curious about trying new things. Here it is primarily a child in a playground to be portrayed, a curious child, tells Tanja Lorentzon.

Director Tilde Björfors is the founder of Circus Cirkör, Sweden’s leading new circus group, who invited the country on innovative performances since 1995. She was awarded the 2016 Swedish Theater Critics Association’s Theater Prize and Expressen Theater Prize. In 2017 she was appointed to both This year’s Swedish – culture of Nyhetsmagasinet Fokus and to European of the Year of the Swedish Europe movement. In addition to the title of circus director, Tilde can also titulate herself Professor of Newcirkus (she was the first in the world when she became that 2005) at Danshögskolan in Stockholm.

Recommended from 6 years. A production from Unga Dramaten.

Kras, first performance January 25th, Tornrummet.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm