Dance without demands

By on September 24, 2018

This autumn, Kungstensgymnasiet and the Ballet Academy start the project “Dance Without Demands” (Dansa utan krav), with the aim of preventing mental ill health among girls / non-binary in high school. Dancing without claims is included in the Balett Academy’s focus on dance health, where we turn to people with Parkinson’s disease or prolonged pain as well as to newly arrived Swedes.

The concept of “Dance Without Demands” is based on the fact that having dance classes in a safe group only for girls strengthens self-esteem and reduces stress. The dance is performance-free and requires no prior knowledge.

“Since we have had problems with increased mental health for a long time, especially among our girls, we are very grateful to be able to cooperate with the Ballet Academy in the field of dance health. We have many students who have high demands, both from themselves and their surroundings. With this project, they are given the opportunity to find a sanctuary from their stressful lives”, says Karin Lennermark, Rector at Kungstensgymnasiet.

The ballet academy’s commitment to dance health includes various types of dance classes for people with Parkinson’s disease, neurological obstacles and long-term pain. We work both in our own premises and in society, with dance training, workshops and lectures. The ambition is to regularly launch new pilot projects and link the business to current research.

“Dance can be so much more than motion to music. Dance can change our way of looking at the outside world, on ourselves, on our body and on other people. With our commitment to dance health, we want to show that we stand up for all sorts of bodies, and dance gives physical and mental health, breaks isolation and includes everyone. We know that dance provides better balance, fitness, coordination, strength and better concentration. But perhaps even more important is that the dance creates community and joy”, says Åsa N. Åström, project manager and subject manager for dance health at the ballet academy.

In the field of dance health, the Ballet Academy offers:

Dance for Parkinson’s, dance training for people with Parkinson’s disease
Dance for PD is a concept designed by Mark Morris Dance Group. At the Balett Academy we have since four years a group led by two Dance for PD-educated dance educators.

Rehabilitation with dance
The ballet academy has a newly established dance group for people with long-term pain.

Neuro Dance
Based on Dance for Parkinson, we have started a dance group for people with different neurological diagnoses.
The group continues to grow.

Dance Without Demands
The mental ill health is increasing in young girls and the dance can make a difference. With support from research at Örebro University, the physiotherapist Anna Duberg has developed the ‘Dance for Health’ method. The ballet academy’s educators are trained in this method.

Dance and integration
Together with the VIDA project / County Administrative Board in Stockholm, we offer newly arrived women to dance in groups with an experienced educator.

Throughout the ballet academy’s Outreach project, the students at the ballet academy’s courses will be involved. The students will undertake various assignments on, for example, housing for new arrivals, recreation centers and retirement homes.

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