Dance prize to Pär Isberg

By on April 19, 2017

Pär Isberg has received Gunilla Roempkes dance prize 2017. The prize – a check of SEK 50,000 – was handed over on the Opera at the applause thank to Isberg’s latest work for the Ballet, the Dream of the Swan Lake.

The jury motivates: “He is filled with equal parts of depth, gravity and humor in his creation. A true theater man, who always is curious about the new and with great interest in all kinds of performing arts.

With a burning love for dance art, he sheds out his steps and role characters in an extremely refined way that hits the spectator right in the heart. In his eagerness to share his passion for dance, he is equally happy for the adult audience as for youth and children. Pär Isberg’s knowledge and love for dance art make him an important part of the ballet’s development not only in Sweden but also internationally.”

Mr. Arne’s money, The Nutcracker, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pippi Longstocking and The Dream of the Swan Lake are some of Pär’s greatest successes in Sweden, while Hans and Greta, Coppelia and Pinocchio are successes from his international career.

Gunilla Roempke (1940-2005) appeared as a dancer and then continued as a rehearsor and ballet director at the Royal Ballet.

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