Dance about the relationship between individual and collective

By on March 30, 2019
Olof Ringmar

Working collectively can be a pure hell, or completely wonderful. In MeYouI, two dancers depict the inner emotional conflict that can arise when working in a collective. Edin Jusuframic debuts with a work based on his own internal conflicts for ten years as part of a collective.

– MeYouI is a deep dive in collectivism’s front and back sides, and how democratic decisions can affect artistic results positively and negatively, says choreographer Edin Jusuframic.

For more than ten years he has worked in a collective where decision-making has taken place in accordance with a democratic process. The decisions about everything from ideas and creation processes to the choice of rehearsal times and stage clothes.

– This has meant that I constantly strived to perform at the top and work according to what constitutes the best for the collective, even though I have been of different meaning in several of the decisions. Which resulted in me deliberately overriding myself and what I want in those situations where I did not get my will through the collective. This has caused strong emotions where I question myself, my artisticity and an internal conflict about whether I should compromise for the sake of others or if I should do what I want on my own without compromise.

– As young people, we all begin as an ego to then gradually be educated in the school to give way to the collective, says Jusuframic. The more the collective becomes central, the more its backsides are also seen as exclusion and bullying. After that, the individual reacts along if it knows what it wants. If you are upset and know what you want then you are looking for a career, if you don’t know it you are looking for experiences.

– But both parts eventually lead to an uprising. If you are kept within tight reins you will then seek chaos and if you have chaos then you will seek structure. The awakening and return to the ego then comes in the thirties when the norms become less important and the ego again becomes central to one’s well-being along with the experience one has gathered along the way.

In MeYouI, Edin Jusuframic is looking for an answer through the individual’s lifelong relationship with the collective. Personal experiences are complemented by a theoretical work on collective and democracy.

Music by Mario Perez Amigo who previously produced music for Fredrik “Benke” Rydman’s work. The lighting is created by Lumination AB and some of dance-Sweden’s best light designer.

Play date: April 24-28 at. 19:00

Scene: The hangar, Albyvägen 38

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Norsborg