Culture | Garbo statue will be raised in secret location

By on July 6, 2016
A statue of Greta Garbo’s memory, Statue of Integrity, is raised now far into deep forest. This is to pay tribute to the world’s most famous swedish, while she will continue to be left alone. Statue of Integrity is raised for her to sit for herself and enjoy the tranquility in a place chosen because it is so beautiful swedish desolate, deserted forest. And beacuse the place where the statue stands is actually named Stockholm – so she can bring her roots.

A statue and placing that is appreciated strongly by this year’s recipient of Garbo Society’s price, Lars Nordin also current as exhibitors of his great Garbo collection on the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm.

»Greta Garbo loved Sweden and never lost touch with her home country. That she now gets honored by a statue that represents her sitting serenely with face gaze spirit out over a scenic spot, it feels really good and appropriate, “says Lars Nordin, who received considerable media attention for his collection.
Greta Garbo is one of the film world’s foremost icons and one of the biggest Hollywood stars of all time. As well known as for her movie roles and her appearance, she was for her reclusive and secretive life. After an abrupt finish to the film career tried Garbo stay beyond the cameras’ reach, which brought a growing curiosity about the mystery surrounding her life, she who in addition to her movie star fame also was known as the richest woman in the US who have earned their wealth.

She received after completing a career even Academy Honorary Award, which she obviously not personally came and received.

She wanted to be left alone, she defended her integrity. In conjunction with the exhibition The image of Garbo at the Fotografiska Museum, we want to pay tribute to Greta Garbo by raising a statue, created by the Icelandic artist Jón Leifsson, in her memory. Considering how shy and reclusive Greta Garbo was we do it in a very deserted place, far away from the spotlight. Namely deep in a swedish forest.
The statue was created by the artist and the Icelander Jón Leifsson, operating in Skåne and he thinks it is an exciting project when often think that a statue should stand on a large square, but this is totally the opposite.

I really got acquainted with this lady, and when you read on her to realize that she was one of those who want to live their own life. So the statue fits really well in a small forest glade somewhere, says Jon Leifsson.

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