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By on May 11, 2016

Two years ago the government released a White Paper, which they acknowledged abuses and violations of Roma throughout the 1900s. Immigration is setting new records, shacks set up, the documentary about Katarina Taikon premieres and Living History Forum has been an ongoing exhibition on Roma in Sweden. In the new case, “Tabula Rasa” is now released May 13 as a e-book, the first part of the sequel to “Block – A detective out of balance in time”, takes author Daniel Hånberg Alonso up this burning current topic.

On May 13, at the Southern Theatre, at 18-02, held an open book release party for the paperback edition of “Block – A detective out of balance in time” and the ebook “Tabula Rasa”. On site it will be able to download “Tabula Rasa” for free.

When I did my research on immigration in Stockholm, I was shocked at how Sweden has dealt with Roma but most shocked I was by how little of this is public knowledge. How historyless we mean when we were upset that the police in Skåne registered Roma? Sweden has done it since the 50’s! For me it is more important to highlight this sullied the reputation of Swedish history. ” Daniel Alonso Hånberg interviewed by
Story – Tabula Rasa

“You‘ll be away from here tomorrow, they said. But we could not just leave everything directly. So last night came them. Rushed out of their cars with truncheons in their hands. Screamed at us.

Core pulled his hands over his face as if to erase the incident from his memory.

So we were bad people. They smashed everything. Us men they brought here. What happened to the camp and our families we do not know.

Eight years after the ban on migrant Roma lifted off becomes a group that has stayed in Sköndal violently driven away from there. The Roma are thrown into the police van busses and camp is completely destroyed by the Swedish police.

Joseph Block, Sweden’s only meta-temporal private investigator, witness to the authorities’ abuse when he travels back in time to the early 60’s and reluctantly get to know a dark time in modern Swedish history where the inhabitants are divided into groups A and B people. While Joseph Block tries to help his friend romske Core Bomba, he is also aware of the registration of them going through the secret gypsy section …
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