Cultists, skulls and goddesses – fria ligan on culture night Stockholm

By on April 4, 2018

Are you prepared to let the reality rend? Do you dare to glimpse the door towards a world humanity has chosen to forget? Somewhere in the old city, the Science Fiction Bookstore opens roads towards hell’s burning plains during the Cultural Night of Stockholm on 21 April.

Fria Ligan förlags writer Anders Fager, Gunilla Jonsson and Michael Petersén participate and plan to give all visitors an evening inspired by the legendary role play KULT, to let the voice of the dead speak and tear down the illusion that binds all of us.

LOCATION: SF Bokhandeln, Västerlånggatan 48
DATE: April 21, 2018
TIME: 18: 00-24: 00
INTRÄDE: Free entrance

Time: Kl. 19:00 to 23:00
Join an experience like no other. The author Anders Fager opens the gateway to Metropolis together with the artist Hanna-Sofia Svennson and the sound artist Klara Andersson. A performance that blends text, movies and music into a unique experience. The performance is inspired by Anders Fager’s KULT novel För Gudinnan, which takes place in a world where time and space began to collapse, published by Fria Ligan förlag.
Unfortunately, the room is not suitable for wheelchairs. Each performance takes about 20 minutes.

Time: Kl. 19:00 to 10:00 p.m.
On a wooden shelf in a basement stands skulls in a row and sings at night. They carry memories of fourteen lives. Thirteen skulls sing with a voice. The fourteenth has silenced and waits for a voice from the underworld.
The authors Gunilla Jonsson and Michael Petersen reads aloud from their forthcoming KULT novel Döden är bara början and out of the novel Kören, a story that links to the novel. The book opens doors against a reality humanity has chosen to forget and is released in late April at Fria Ligan förlag. The creators of the classic role play Kult game leads a whole new game adventure during the evening.

SF Bookstore’s program during the Cultural Night 2018 also includes:
Let a seeress tell you about your future, attend a magic seans and contact the other side, busy oneself, go to the writer’s school, play board games and role playing, meet goddesses and win live music quiz!

About the authors Gunilla Jonsson and Michael Petersén
The authors Gunilla Jonsson and Michael Petersén are legendary in role-playing circles, both in Sweden and internationally. In spring they debut as a novelist on Fria Ligans förlag with Döden är bara början, a story that takes place in the same world as the role play KULT. The author pair is the creators of the roleplay Mutant, which takes place in Sweden after the major disaster and occult horror roleplay KULT aimed at an adult audience and a host of adventures to several different role-playing worlds. They have been active in the movement to give great literature a place in Swedish bookshelves and in the public conversation. For 25 years, the author has been working on the Science Fiction Bookstore, Sweden’s largest specialist bookshop for fantastik.

About the horror writer Anders Fager
Critically acclaimed author Anders Fager is current with the KULT novel För gudinnan and the re-release of the novellantology Samlade Svenska Kulter at Fria Ligan förlag. Fager has written several novels and works for theater, games and television. The publisher has previously released his short story Kaknäs Sista Band, which takes place in Stockholm after the major disaster. Anders Fager is a narrator depicting contemporary times, challenging the conventions and inviting his readers to experience dark visions behind the cracks in the well-polished surface.

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