Crying Day Care Choir video premiere & Italy Tour

By on February 17, 2017

Folk pop band Crying Day Care Choir released February 3rd their new single “Sad Season”. Yesterday was premiered the music video in English music blog Clash Music. The video, recorded in the band’s studio in Malmö shows the band’s warmth and love of the music and each other.

“There’s something softly uplifting about Crying Day Care Choir. An alt-folk trio from Sweden, the band’s gentle, warm, and personal harmonies seem to effortlessly push past life’s troubles. Imagine a Nordic parallel to Simon & Garfunkel and you’d be close, with those neatly packed melodies recalling the best aspects of Fleet Foxes.” – Clash Music.  

The trio, consisting of the spouses Jack and Sara Elz and Jack’s brother Bill Nystedt, has previously released the album Leave The Kingdom through its own labeln LoveMadeUs. Their harmony-filled melodies in collaboration with the band members’ musical talents of both ukelele, guitar and percussion has resulted in songs likened by Fleet Foxes, The Lumineers and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.

On February 4, played Crying Day Care Choir at Norrköping’s festival Where’s The Music and 18 February they embark on their third Italian tour. See the complete list below.

18/2 Milano, Italy

19/2 Florence, Italy

22/2 Brindisi, Italy

24/2 Rosolini, Italy

25/2 Vatania, Italy

28/2 Enna, Italy

1/3 Palemo, Italy

3/3 Vitulazio, Italy

4/3 Sora, Italy

5/3 Terracina, Italy

6/3 Roma, Italy

7/3 Perugia, Italy

8/3 Livorno, Italy

9/3 Colle Val D`Elsa, Italy

10/3 Bassanodel Grappa, Italy 

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