Crying Day Care Choir releases Christmas song

By on November 30, 2017

“We are not rich in money, but we have a wealth in the music we can create together.” So went the thoughts of the Crying Day Care Choir when they decided to contribute to Musikhjälpen with fully self-written Christmas songs.

For the third time, it’s time again. Last Friday they released a brand new Christmas song as they hope to help them in the pursuit of the explosive collection box. The song is called “Cosas Caras” as in Spanish (Christmas language!) means “expensive things”. It’s about Christmas’s true meaning, which are not expensive things, but hugs when one needs it.

Malmö trione Crying Day Care Choir consists of Sara and Jack, who are married, and Jack’s brother Bill. When the band first decided that they would contribute to Musikhjälpen, the theme was that all girls would have the right to survive their pregnancy. It was something that touched a bit extra, when Jack and Sara just put their first child to the world. Because their strength is writing music, and they also love both Christmas and Christmas music, so felt the approach given!

Everyone wrote each Christmas song that they recorded at home in the living room, on the glazed balcony, in the kitchen or simply where they were fit. The Christmas song writing was alternated with breastfeeding babies and just before Musikhjälpen started, they were ready to start their collection.

They had now assembled an EP with four own Christmas songs as they sold through Bandcamp. All revenue, of course, went directly to Musikhjälpen. In addition, they had an anonymous benefactor who for the 100 first-selling discs added 100 kr extra/disc.

That year they sold 104 discs and donated a total of 15,000 kr to Musikhjälpen. Two years later it was time again. With some more aim-off they recorded another Christmas EP. This time in a studio. They managed to redo the success from two years earlier, and could once again contribute 15,000 kr to Musikhjälpen.

Two more years have passed and it is time for the Crying Day Care Choir to repeat their favorite tradition. This year they have put their head on a song. The band will in connection launch a Christmas concert – in Stockholm the third weekend in December – where all the proceeds will go to Musikhjälpen.

In “Cosas Caras”, trion wants to convey what Christmas really should be about, love and hug instead of buying expensive presents.

Listen to “Cosas Caras” here>>

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm