Cosplay weekend at the Nordic Museum March 25 to 26

By on March 19, 2017

Nordic Museum is filled with the multi-faceted cosplay culture during a weekend. In connection with the Cosplay Championship 2017 held at the museum Saturday, March 25, visitors can discover cosplay through lectures, films and the final of the Nordic Museum contest Cosplay <3 mystical essence, where participants create costumes on the theme of Nordic folklore essence.

The word cosplay comes from the combination of the English words “costume” and “play” and goes basically out on that using everything from clothes, makeup and wig to conduct portray a fictional character as close to the original as possible. Cosplay has a long history in both the Japanese manga / anime-culture and the American sci-fi culture.

On 25 and 26 March gives Nordic Museum “Cosplay weekend” visitors of all ages the opportunity to discover cosplay culture through film screenings, introductory lectures and Kids Corner with crafts, and video games corner. This, in conjunction with that the Cosplay Championship this year will be held at the Nordic Museum on 25 March.

During Cosplay weekend also appointed the winner of the Nordic Museum’s costume creates contest Cosplay <3 mystical essence. When the museum first came in contact with NärCon, organizer of Cosplay Championship, arose the idea of a cross-fertilization between the museum’s knowledge of the Nordic folklore supernatural beings and cosplayande. In the project works the three finalists in five months to design a mystical essence. To help they have the Nordic Museum’s experts and original sources of supernatural creatures like imps, ghost orchid, trolls, elves and werewolves. One hope the competition is to bring life into the archives and create new interpretations of these beings:

– Mythological creatures in the Nordic folklore is depicted in the stories mostly from 1700, 1800 and 1900 quarters. There are old descriptions and images that remain, and for us it’s exciting to see how they will be portrayed by creative and craftsmanship skilled cosplayare, says ethnologist Lena Kättström Höök, Nordic Museum.

The finalists are Kelly Colbell Heyl, Rickard Nilsson and Elin Jacobsson, who portrays ghost orchid, Bergakungen and gruvrået. Participants must undergo a separate element of competition in Cosplay Championship 2017 and the winner is determined by the jury, which also represented the Nordic Museum.

Adult, senior and student: 100 SEK
Children and adolescents up to 18 free admission

NOTE Separate ticket for the Cosplay Championship at 19-01 on March 25 purchased here >>

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