Cooling for dogs at Bromma Blocks

By on August 1, 2017

Bromma Blocks offers dog owners the opportunity to park their car in a cool garage or bring the dog into the mall during hot summer days to avoid the dog feeling bad from the heat.

– Many dog owners choose not to go shopping during the summer months when you do not know how to handle the heat in the car, which can be a death trap for the dog. With us, you can either leave the dog in the car in our cool garage or bring the dog into the mall, says Sanna Sultan, center manager at Bromma Blocks.

To leave the dog in the car for a summer day can lead to danger of life when it quickly becomes sauna hot in a car that stands outdoors. Dogs can not control heat and do not sweat the same way we humans. Furthermore breaths dogs heavier when it gets warm which reduces oxygen in the car. If it goes bad the dog dies of heat shock.

In a survey conducted by the Swedish Kennel Club, it turns out that a car gets unbearably warm to a dog indoors if the weather offers temperatures around 24 degrees with clouds and light rain. At full sun and +26 degrees at 11.30 on the day, the survey shows that an average temperature of a car is +50 degrees.

The dog is welcome to Bromma Blocks

At Bromma Blocks the dog is always welcome. If you want to leave your dog in the car while shopping, it is great to park in the garage under the mall where it is well ventilated and always a temperature around 17 degrees. And if you want to bring the dog into the mall there is no problem – Bromma Blocks is a few trading venues in Stockholm where the dog is welcome.

Temperature in the car – average

Time     Temp outside    Weather    Temp in a car
08.30           +22              Sunshine          +23
09.30           +22              Sunshine          +38
10.30            +25              Sunshine          +47
11.30             +26              Sunshine         +50
12.30            +27              Sunshine          +52 
13.30            +27              Sunshine          +52 
14.30            +28              Sunshine          +50

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