Conor Oberst

By on January 1, 2017

Conor Oberst has written music for over two decades and always put his self-disclosure poetry first. After several years in the band Bright Eyes rides he now on his own, and later in the fall are released perhaps the most personal and unadorned work so far – Ruminations. That is why we are especially proud to announce that Conor Oberst come to Stockholm and Gota Lejon for an acoustic solo performance on 24 January this year. Some artists are best viewed without bands in an intimate room, Conor Oberst is one of them.

In recent years, Oberst, like many others in his seat, spent alternating between writing music and performing it as written. After living in New York for ten years Oberst returned last winter to his hometown of Omaha. The plan was never that there would be some record, but it was there nonetheless. The songs Oberst wrote he chose to play in and then leave in peace, without frills and unnecessary additions. The result was Ruminations – a raw, stripped down and personal insight into one of the most acclaimed songwriter’s career.

With one foot in the past and the other in the present, Conor Oberst invites you to an evening based on its diverse discography. Last Conor Oberst did something similar in Sweden was in 2013 when he enthralled a packed Filadelfiakyrkan. This year he will be back to do it again, though at Gota Lejon. Winter big must-play, here you have it.

tis 24 jan 2017 Göta Lejon Stockholm

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