Computer games get sweaty sports holiday activity with augmented reality

By on February 24, 2017

Data gaming does not necessarily mean sitting in front of a computer screen. When the Museum of Technology are gearing up for sports holiday, all game enthusiasts can look forward to new installations where the digital moving out in real life. The classic computer game Pong has become a climbing wall and you meet the digital dinosaurs and astronauts in the museum’s large machine hall.

Using AR technology, or augmented reality, the digital world merge and add new layers to the real experience. At the Museum of Technology opens now two installations based on AR technologywhich projections and motion sensors work together so that you can interact with the entire body in a digital world.

On the computer games climbing wall, you can play the classic game of Pong with a twist. Here you have to climb up and down along the wall to catch the ball and bounce it over to the opponent’s side. In other games, such as Whack-a-bat applies it instead to chase the little characters that pop up in various places on the climbing wall and catch them in the shortest possible time.

In the large Machine hall wandering dinosaurs and astronauts around. They are not reflected in reality, but in a giant projected mirror image you suddenly stand face to face with a Tyrannosaurus or are joined by an astronaut on a weightless walk.

The two attractions stands installed and ready during the sports holiday 2017 and are displayed at the Museum of Technology until further notice.

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