Company Rosas takes Shakespeare and Brian Eno to the House of Dance

By on February 9, 2017

Usually it is the music rather than stories that inspire the Belgian dance icon Anne Teresa de Keersmaekers choreography. Here it is both.

The ground is Shakespeare’s playful and queer comedy As You Like It – a story of an idyllic, golden world in the Ardennes forest where loved fleeing, and time stands still. All this is embodied by eleven young dancers.

The title refers to the song Golden Hours by Brian Eno. What happens when Shakespeare’s rhythmic and poetic language turns into dance? Not a single word is spoken but passages from the play projected on the wall and become movements, steps and gestures.

The expressive and energetic dance experience is also marked by the meeting with ambient pioneer Brian Eno’s rock album Another Green World from in 1975.

Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker is one of the world’s great dance profiles that influenced many. One of her most famous works isRoses Dances Roses” from 1983, and it was during this work that she founded her company Rosas. Since then, the company has toured worldwide and scooped numerous awards and honors.
In recent years has House of Dance shown including “Partita 2″, “Vortex Temporum” “The Song” and “Bal Moderne“.
Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker is the founder of the now legendary school PARTS in Brussels who have a monumental impact on the entire European performing arts.

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