Commuter train station to Solvalla

By on May 25, 2017

Miljöpartiet wants more people to get close to a station. To open a commuter train station at Solvalla where there will be built a lot of housing is an example.

– Obviously, if more people are going to go collectively, says Malin Karlsson (MP) traffic political spokesman

Miljöpartiet has been involved in important decisions on the expansion of new public transport in the county. It’s good, but not enough. Should more people take public transport and reduce road traffic, we must develop current public transport so that more people get close to a station or stop. Miljöpartiet will in its budget present a series of proposals on it.

Opening a commuter train station at Solvalla is an example of how we can get more people to go collectively while stimulating housing construction.

– People want to live sustainably and close to a stop. In Solvalla, more than 1,500 homes are being planned with associated schools, commerce and health centers, says Malin Karlsson (MP).

A commuter train station at Solvalla provides opportunities for smart itineraries when the crossroads of Kistagren are in place. It will be an important cross-link that will give the traveler improved exchange opportunities. Miljöpartiet not only wants to investigate the possibility at Solvalla but also in Högdalen.

– It’s important to get to the station at Solvalla right now. We have seen too many examples where residential areas are clearly built, people move in, but public transport is not in place. Then more people are forced to choose the car and set up their lives after it, says Malin Karlsson.

With the upgrading of Roslagsbanan, it is also relevant to investigate an extension from Kårsta to Rimbo. It could give a seven-minute gain over today’s bus journeys to Stockholm, which could attract drivers to public transport.

Miljöpartiet also wants to see new staircase in the subway. Therefore, we want to see an investigation that looks where it would be most appropriate. Zinkensdamm and Telefonplan are, for example, two stations that today only have one staircase but may need two. It is about accessibility but also about safety in case of evacuation.

There is an even faster way to give people closer to the station. Miljöpartiet wants to open the way down in the subway as the alliance closed at certain times of the day. It is for example about Hjorthagen and Hökarängen. Closed secondary entrances mean problems for visually impaired persons and those with reduced mobility, forcing travelers into unsafe ways. We therefore invest funds for these entrances to be open throughout the traffic day. More secondary entrances contribute to, in addition to increased availability, the possibility of increased housing construction.

– We can not close the doors for travelers in a growing Stockholm County. And these stairways can be opened tomorrow, says Malin Karlsson.

Miljöpartiet’s proposal for more people to get close to the station.

1. Investigate the possibility of opening commuter train stations at Solvalla and Högdalen

2. Investigate the possibility of opening more stairways on existing subway stations that today only have one stairway. Zinkensdamm and Telefonplan are two possible options

3. Make sure that the stairways in the subway that are not open the whole traffic day are. It is for example about Hjorthagen and Hökarängen.

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