Colorful Designbar Created By Fredrik Paulsen

By on October 10, 2019
Photo: Martin Ulvbäck

Cross-border designer Fredrik Paulsen has been commissioned to design the Design Bar at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, February 4-8, 2020, at the Stockholm Fair. The menu is created this time by the chef duo Marion Ringborg and Linn Söderström from the pop-up restaurant Garba.

The design bar continues to explore contemporary aesthetic and culinary expressions. In the Victoria Hall, next to the entrance square, a design exhibition and top-class restaurant are merged with the stage for Stockholm Design & Architecture Talks. A cross-fertilization which this year will receive a fun-inspired interior signed by the orthodox Fredrik Paulsen.

– Stockholm in February can be tough. Therefore, I want to give visitors a chance to dream away. I have looked at boardwalks on the Riviera, bars in the Balearic island world, casinos in Las Vegas and amusement parks like Coney Island. My hope is to draw a meeting place where people feel welcome and inspired, says Fredrik.

In his studio in Örnsberg just south of Stockholm, Paulsen works experimentally and interdisciplinarily. He creates colorful objects in individual copies, lifting cheap materials through craftsmanship. When Röhsska in Gothenburg was reopened last spring, his work was one of the museum’s separate exhibitions – an installation that resulted in the Röhsska chair, produced by Blå Station.

– Fredrik Paulsen’s design tackles contemporary challenges, states Cecilia Nyberg, project manager for Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. – We appreciate his questioning approach to consumption and his ability to navigate the tension between design and art.

– When I was offered the opportunity to draw the Design Bar, I first thought, ‘Did they call right ?!’, says Paulsen. – But then I realized that my way of working fits the task perfectly. I want to create strong entities, when designing, I prefer to take an idea off of a party or exhibition than in an individual product.

With him he has the chefs Marion Ringborg and Linn Söderström. The Stockholm-based duo operates Garba, an experimental restaurant with no fixed address, which pops up where space is given, in vacated store premises, renovation objects or art galleries.

– Fredrik had visited one of our pop-up restaurants and liked the anarchist mix of dishes from different cultures. Plus all the green of course, we use vegetables as often as we can. It gives a visual splendor that I think he likes with his colorful expression, says Marion Ringborg.

– Then we share the ambition to create spatial contexts, says Linn Söderström. – We try to encourage socializing by serving the food at long tables, where you take from the same plate, pour from the same carafe. That’s how we love to eat, it may be a little messy.

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