Color in the air at Gula Galleriet

By on April 14, 2018

On April 21 at 13.00 Gula Galleriet will open the exhibition “Color and the air” by artist Thomas Magnusson.

The exhibition is a result of Thomas’s many years of painting investigative, where color and air have been central.

– I want to try with my paintings to reflect the inner and outer world and how they can relate to each other. A walk between different, strong colors. The intensely yellow, dark blue, red, pink … One can see it present but not clearly reported. The passage of time and transformation, the changes of weather and light, the body of the air.

The color is the first thing I see. It possesses a kind of quality of life, emotions and musicality. The color and the air, two key elements of the painting. They can also metaphorically point to different qualities of consciousness. A color has a body but is not really shaped and can spread out little anyhow. It will be the images limits that create the shape.

Thomas Magnusson was born in Sunne and since 1976 resident in Stockholm. From 2007 Thomas is active in the Old Porcelain Factory in Gustavsberg. The artistic practice is shared with educational activities, partly as a lecturer at Beckmans Design College and the Senior Line of Birkagården Folk High School, both in Stockholm.

The exhibition “Color and air” is open Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 to 16:00 between 21 April – 27 May 2018. Gula Galleriet is housed in Gustavsberg harbor, Gula Byggningen, Odelbergs Road 9.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Värmdö