Collection for the Childhood Cancer Foundation during Lidingöppets Vårhelg

By on May 15, 2017

On 6-7 May, Lidingöloppets Vårhelg was organized, consisting of Lidingöloppet MTB, Lidingöloppets Ultramarathon and Vårmilen. The weekend had participant records and in place among all participants and visitors were Team Rynkeby Täby to take care of children activities at Lidingövallen.

The kids activities consisted of a tricky obstacle course, on Saturday it was by bike the children got forward and on Sunday there was an obstacle course where they had to run the track around. The kids could do the track how many times they wanted and also got a number tag to color, juice to drink and the mascot Rynke to cuddle with.

The cost of the children to attend was 20 SEK, but you could even pay more if you wanted to, as many did then all the money went off to the Children’s Cancer Fund. In addition to that, there was also a lottery with prize every time and even the money went to the Children’s Cancer Fund. The Lidingöloppsorganisation also donated money for the same purpose, and after the weekend we have managed to collect 13 900 kronor for the Children’s Cancer Fund.

Jan Aronson, team captain Team Rynkeby Täby 2017:

“We at Team Rynkeby are struggling to withdraw money to the Children’s Cancer Fund through volunteer efforts from all our amazing participants.
Everyone is spending a lot of time and energy on this project and it’s experiences like this weekend that reminds us all why we do.
I urge more to search for next year
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Together we will eradicate childhood cancer!”

Tomas Hoszek, Secretary General Lidingöloppet:

“This is the third year we have had Team Rynkeby Täby in place during Lidingöppets Vårhelg and we are very proud of this cooperation. The fact that we both give the smallest children a fun activity in the race and can contribute to a bigger thing is something that is exactly in line with what we want to be and represent on the Lidingöloppet. Being able to contribute with almost 14,000 kr to the Children’s Cancer Fund during a weekend is absolutely amazing.”

Stockholm’s largest mountain bike race, the Lidingöloppet MTB, will be held on May 5, 2018. The race day consists of the Main category of 63 km, a exercise race at 23 km with contest classes for young people and the Lilla Lidingöloppet MTB for children between 6-11 years.

The registration is open! Read more here >>

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