Coca-Cola extends and reinforces the agreement with the Swedish Football Association

By on December 31, 2018

The previously very successful cooperation between Coca-Cola Sverige AB and the Swedish Football Association is now extended, with the aim set for the Swedish women’s national team and the upcoming summer World Cup. The agreement is extended until 2020 and Coca-Cola is, like previous, an exclusive beverage partner in the non-alcoholic ready to drink category with the Coca-Cola® and bonaqua® brands. The collaboration is also strengthened by the fact that Powerade® gets exclusive rights in the function and sports drink category.

The agreement was signed already in 2017, with the ambition of long-term cooperation at both the association and national team level. The 2018 football summer was a success and for Coca-Cola it is a matter of course to extend the cooperation with an equally large investment in the women’s national team as on the men’s national team.

– Football unites people, from the first football kicks in the home club to the community in front of exciting World Cup matches. It goes without saying to us that the extension of our cooperation gives the ladies the attention they deserve for their fine sports performance. We look forward to coming football summer with excitement, says Olivia Enquist, marketing manager at Coca-Cola AB.

The year that passed was a successful football year where Coca-Cola activated associations around the country, as well as the Swedish men’s team during their World Cup trip. The Swedish Football Association encourages the forthcoming engagement.

– We have had a very good cooperation with Coca-Cola over the past two years and are pleased that we are now extending the cooperation. Through the strengthening with Powerade, it becomes an even closer collaboration with our national teams because the national team will use Powerade for recovery. The fact that Coca-Cola is investing more in the women’s national team is a strong and important signal that helps us to further lift the women’s football, says Mikael Jiffer, Marketing & Sales Manager at the Swedish Football Association.

The agreement between Coca-Cola AB and the Swedish Football Association gives Coca-Cola exclusive rights to during the contract period create unique campaigns and build presence around Swedish football. New in the agreement is that Coca-Cola will from now on also receive exclusive rights in the functional and sports drink category, which means that Powerade will be the national team’s new sports drink.

Coca-Cola has since the mid-70’s been global partners for Fifa and the renewed agreement between Coca-Cola Sverige AB and the Swedish Football Association was put into effect in connection with the World Cup draw on December 8, 2018.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage