Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport is auctioning out the staff

By on October 5, 2018

Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport arranges a charity auction where the money goes directly to the Trygga Barn Foundation. What is auctioned is experience with the hotel staff, for example salsa course with Pilar and Nino, CPR course with Peter and Johan, Christmas lunch to the office from the chefs, Friday coffee from the bakery, lecture with CEO Pernilla and much more. Even hotel accommodation, a conference all inclusive and tickets to the big Idol finale can be summon home.

– We know that Trygga Barnen not only need our support but also aim at reaching more children, more adults, more carers around Sweden and this is our way of helping. We hope that the whole of Arlanda will come and have breakfast and then automatically donate 50 kr and that our corporate customers or individuals will come home with wonderful experiences with us who work. I for example comes and holding a lecture about culture in a workplace, says Pernilla Johansson, CEO Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport. Do I hear 300 kr! concludes Pernilla

Since 2012, Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport has accumulated money to help children and young people in Sweden who grow up in families with abuse, dependency problems and/or mental illness. The hotel now takes the cooperation one step further with the purpose of collecting money for Trygga Barnen as well as increasing the awareness of their work.

– Doing this kind of event together with Clarion Arlanda feels absolutely amazing! They have been our partner since starting and are therefore very special for us. Not only for us who work at Trygga Barnen but also for all the children in the business, I think there is not a single child with us who has not bathed in their pool for example. We hope that this morning will raise awareness of Trygga Barnen and the problem at large, we want to make people understand that we can contribute together to make something better and make a difference, says Olivia Trygg Larsen, founder of the Trygga Barnen Foundation.

Program – Breakfast lecture with auction where the money goes to Trygga Barnen
Tuesday, October 23, Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport, 8-10pm.

We offer breakfast and donate 50 kr / guest!
Everyone who wishes is welcome and it’s free.

Sign up for the event here>>

The day begins with a good breakfast buffet from 07.30. The breakfast will be followed up with a lecture about 8.30 by the founder of Stiftelsen Trygga Barnen, Olivia Trygg Larsen, who tells her life story and the background to the organization. Lecture and auction are expected to be completed at 10.00. Moderator: Pär Lernström

Trygga Barnens Ambassador Pär Lernström auctiones out experiences

The hotel chefs will have Christmas lunch at your office (for 20 people)
Friday coffee from the hotels bakery to your office (for 15 people)
Hotel accommodation with dinner
PT hour in the hotel gym with the sellers Anna and Jenny
Conference on Top Floor All Inclusive (for 14 people)
CPR course with Johan and Peter on Maintenance (30 people)
Lecture with Pernilla, CEO
Salsa course with Style Manager Pilar and seller Nino
Music quiz with the seller Christopher
Plane Spotting with Sellers Fredrik and Jessica (for 10 people)
Tickets for the Idol Friday Final and the big finale in Ericsson Globe

If someone wants to bid early, you can do this by sending an email to
The experiences are done by agreement between Clarion Arlanda and the winner.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Arlanda