Clarion Hotel Amaranten is investing in reuse

By on February 1, 2019

On March 2, Clarion Hotel Amaranten, together with Amina Paracha from the sustainability blog “Sustainable Luxury”, will organize an event focusing on selling used wedding dresses. They want to create a meeting place for sellers and buyers, because of course everyone wants to squeeze and feel their dream dress before making their choice for the big day.

Their shoutout is right now that all women who have an old wedding dress at home without making any use can now sell it on site at Clarion Amaranten on March 2. The dress must be clean and nice and the price tag must not exceed 5000 SEK.

– There must be hundreds of women who have a wedding dress lying at home in the attic or at the very end of the closet that they would like to sell, but who have not able to grab. While there must be at least as many people looking for their dream dress but who do not have the budget to buy a brand new one. Our vision is that through this event, these sellers & buyers will meet. It is also fully in line with our sustainability work with a focus on environment and recycling, says Hanna Holfve, Marketing Manager at Clarion Hotel Amaranten.

The event will take place in the hotel bar, Tap Room Kungsholmen, where the day of honor will focus a little extra on the refreshing bubble. More info about the event itself will come later, now it is full focus on collecting wedding dresses.

– A wedding dress is something you, if everything is successful, only use once. From a sustainability perspective, it is not as successful. Therefore, it feels extra fun to have the opportunity, with this event, to bring happiness to several, says Amina Paracha, founder of the blog and the instagram account Sustainable Luxury

Want to sell your wedding dress? See more info below!
Register or request more information via
Submit the following to
– An image of the dress
– Size
– Price (Max 5000 SEK / and regular price)
Important: the dress must be completely clean and you must be able to be present at the place of sale yourself, the payment is made directly to your private swish account or with cash.

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Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Kungsholmen