Christmas tree plunder at the Nordic Museum

By on December 26, 2017

On the 13th and 14th of January, Christmas is danced out at the Nordic Museum with a traditional Christmas tree plunder!

Welcome to the song, play and dance around the beautifully decorated tree together with akos santa gang (January 13) and Sollentuna Folkdansgille and Edsbacka musicians (January 14th). When the legs are tired, you can visit Lekstugan and Mother in the cottage telling about the farm santa.

Coffee, tea, juice, bun and gingerbread is served at 14-16. Gift box for all children!

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Adult 180 SEK (including service charge, coffee / tea / juice and bun)
Children 1-12 years: 90 kr (including service charge, juice & bun and bag)


At 14-17 The playhouse is open with entry every 20 minutes (max 50 children and adults at each entry).

At 14-17 Mother in the cottage is reading and telling about the farm santa. Entry at 14, 14.30, 15, 15.30, 16 and 16.30. From 4 years. Limited number of seats.

At 15 Akos Santa gang and Anna Karin Nytell Oldeberg (Jan. 13) / Sollentuna Folkdansgille and Edsbacka musicians (January 14) start the traditional song, the play and the dance around the christmas tree.

At 15-16.30 Dance around the christmas tree with short breaks at 15.30 and at 16:00.

At 16.30 The Santa Claus comes with a gift box for all children.

In addition, 14-17

The journey of light – the children’s own way through the exhibition Nordic Light.

The time detectives. When the door is locked, the lights are switched off and the staff have gone home, everything is brought to life at the Nordic Museum.

Children’s audio guide. Gustav Vasa takes you on a tour to many exciting objects and places in the museum. Best for ages 6 to 12 years.

The museum’s restaurant is open during the Christmas tree plunder and serves hot dishes until 16:00 and afterwards sandwiches, coffee bread and drinks. Tell the restaurant staff about any food allergies.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm