Christmas scholarship students at the Royal Dramatic appointed

By on December 19, 2016

Last friday was the traditionally scholarship award held in Dramatic marble foyer. The scholarships and the recipients were:

Oscar Lindgrens Scholarship
Oscar Lindgren Scholarship is intended to promote the dramatic arts in Sweden and is for those who work at the Royal Dramatic Theatre and is under 45 years. The scholarship amount is SEK 40 000 and awarded this year:

Thea Holmberg Kristensen
Filip Alexanderson
Hannes Meidal
Sanna Sundqvist
Anneli Eriksson

Helge Ax: son Johnson Scholarship is given to talented acting students working at the Royal Dramatic Theatre. The scholarship amount is SEK 2 000 and awarded this year:

Emanuelle Davin
Viktor Sköld
Hannes Fohlin

ElmlundOdelius Scholarship
ElmlundOdeliusSmith Scholarship is given to actors who have turned 50. The scholarship amount is SEK 30 000 and awarded this year:

Thérese Brunnander
Peter Engman
Lena Endre
Bengt CW Carlsson
Kristina Törnqvist

Daniel Sachs Waywardness Scholarship
Daniel Sachs Waywardness Scholarship is given to a person who in the framework of the Royal Dramatic business at its sole discretion and with its own indomitable force have experimented and developed new methods, new roads and expression. The scholarship amount is SEK 25 000 and awarded this year Andreas T Olsson with the justification:
2016 scholarship goes to a person who has given waywardness a face. Or maybe a body. At the Royal Dramatic Theatre. This person has with both seriousness and playfulness in new ways, but with strong ties to the history – both the Royal Dramatic own history and theater history – experimenting and exploring theater, theater, art, shape, and meeting with the audience. The person has been standing alone on stage, but also involved other expected and unexpected, mainly very wayward, people in the performing arts. In addition, the person has a penchant to portray wayward characters, or perhaps we should say geeks. And always with a twinkle in his eye and an open mind for the audience. Simply performing arts and public availability in a nice, entertaining and waywardness association. This year’s scholarship goes to Andreas T Olsson.
Santa scholarship
Santa scholarship is awarded to a person who distinguished themselves additional outside their own service. The scholarship amount is SEK 6 000 and awarded this year:

Mia Hertler

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