Christmas news

By on October 6, 2016

We know it’s early but on Lundqvist & Lindqvist, we already started with the Christmas preparations. Maybe because you have to be out in time if everything should be fine, perhaps because Christmas always been our absolute favorite.

On Lundqvist & Lindqvist, we have always gone out of our way in order to visit us should feel like coming home. The feast that perhaps most associated with the home is, according to us, Christmas. Therefore, we have made sure to celebrate the little extra properly. Besides decorations, good food and all the Christmas baking, we set the example always in the unofficial who-hashighest-indoor spruce-in-Stockholmcontest. And because our spruce tends to rise about 10 meters before it strikes the dining room ceiling at Klara we usually just as often declare us the winner. Come by in December so you can understand exactly what we‘re talking about. This year we have even a few Christmassy news we want to share:

The more the merrier

New this year is our special Christmas packages for groups over 60 people. Contact us to find out more about how it will be as good as possible for you.

An early and a Merry Christmas to you from Lundqvist & Lindqvist

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