Christmas is served in Boberg Dining Room

By on November 18, 2016

Since 1915 Bobergs Dining Room has been a meeting place for NK’s customers. Here it has over a hundred years been served gastronomic delights in a historic and beautiful environment. Today it is star chef Björn Frantzen and his team that bring on Christmas traditions, this year with a classic and innovative Christmas menu.

In March 2015 the newly opened Boberg’s Dining Room in Björn Frantzéns management, and since then he has taken the venerable restaurant to a new level and made it a natural food destination in Stockholm. In Frantzéns tapping of year’s Christmas menu meet both classic and modern cuisine influences. This year’s Christmas menu is served at the table so you can enjoy it in peace and quiet.

Boberg Dining room features a history and tradition that few restaurants can match. I am proud to take on the tradition and this year offer our guests classic christmas flavors with a slight twist. In Boberg dining room is a family atmosphere in a beautifully preserved environment. I hope that many take the time to gather loved ones for a good meal at Christmas, says Björn Frantzen.

Christmas menu consists of an appetizer, main course and dessert, and served with carefully selected drinks. The first course consists of Boberg’s six favorites from the Christmas table and is served as a buffet table. Among the dishes there including lobster bound in smoked crème fraîche and marinated salmon with emulsion of three kinds of Swedish mustard. The main dish is the Spicy fried duck breast, buttered winter apples and mashed potatoes and dessert is a creamy chocolate pudding with sorbet of citrus fruits.

Christmas menu is served from 21 November to 23 December in Boberg Dining Room, Plan 4. Christmas menu costs 495 SEK per envelope and beverage package costs 295 SEK. For reservations, book on or call 08-762 81 61

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