Christmas is coming early to Skansen this year

By on August 11, 2017

There are many nice weeks left by the summer of 2017, but whatever we do, we know that Christmas is coming with big steps. At Skansen it is celebrated as usual with market and traditions but one weekend earlier than normal. Advents weekend 2017 comes so that the fourth advent is also Christmas Eve. Therefore, the Christmas market starts the last weekend in November and not at first advent as it usually is.

Christmas market weekends offer as usually at the big Christmas market on Bollnestorget and Marknadsgatan, Christmas trade in the city center’s workshops and Skansenbutiken in Logen and at the main entrance. There will be a Christmas pyssel in Skogens house, dancing around the tree and you can listen to myths in Christmas times at the open fire in Back Mats cabin.

Decorated Christmas table appears in Delsbogården, Oktorpsgården and Statarlängan. In the post office Christmas coffee is served, in Väla School prepares the teacher family for Christmas and baking gingerbread cookies. The first advent stars were imported from Germany, and one of them is in the Järnhandlarfamily’s home and in the Boktryckar home is another modernity – the Christmas tree. In Älvrosgården there is the Christmas bock and a Christmas rod with sheaf for the little birds.

If you want to eat something while walking between stands and historical environments there are smoked fish and seared sweep, spicy coal buns, wild burgers, freshly made donuts and other good. Mulled wine and gingerbread are served in several different places, and the restaurants have Christmas table or Christmas plate on the menu.

Christmas music consists of advent concerts in Seglora church and folk music in Älvrosgården, Moragården, Delsbogården and Folkets hus. Horse and carriage trips relieve tired feet, and Galejan’s tivoli is open. Then the animals are fed every day and Lill-Skansen has extra Christmas activities.

Lucia is celebrated the 9th – 10th of December and 13th of December. The program is decided later this fall.
Christmas Eve is open from 10:00 to 14:00 with free entrance. On Christmas day is it julotta in Seglora church with church coffee at Restauration Gubbhyllan.

Christmas Market 2017 25 – 26 November, 2 – 3, 9 – 10 and 16 – 17 December.

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