Christmas in houses and farms at Skansen

By on December 2, 2017

Christmas at Skansen is celebrated with Christmas market weekends, dancing around the christmas tree, Christmas pyssel, open workshops and Christmas traditions. In several houses the Christmas table is decorated, the spruce is adorned and a few days Christmas baking is ongoing. Here you can see how Christmas was celebrated during different ages, from the mid 18th century in the country to the 1930s in the city.

1840s Christmas
In the Boktryckarbostaden, the family celebrates Christmas with all that it meant at this time. The Christmas presents did not come with Santa Claus like today without the Christmas goat, which was quite a scary figure.

1850s Christmas
In Delsbogården you can take the step into a Christmas celebration in Hälsingland. Here is the table set with everything that was important to have on a nice Christmas table – the Christmas butter, the showbread and the flatbread. Beautiful branched candle lights up in the dark winter evening. At Älvrosgården from Härjedalen Christmas barling and Christmas sheaves are set.

1870s Christmas
Oktorpsgården from Halland shows how Christmas was celebrated in southern Sweden. Here you will find among other things renfiol on the Christmas table.

1910’s Christmas
In the Småland Posthuset, both the spruce and the best room are decorated with Christmas. In Väla school there is a Christmas tree decorated with popcorn. On 4-8 December it will be Christmas baking in the kitchen’s wood stove.

1920s Christmas
In Statarlängan, a poor state family lives where Christmas is not so sumptuous, but the Christmas atmosphere is still there.

1930s Christmas
The Hardware store family is preparing for full infront of Christmas in the city. In the 1930s a series of news came to Christmas celebrations as advent calendars in papers and advent stars. On the 12th of December it will be Christmas baking in the modern electric stove.

Christmas is celebrated from 25 November to 7 January at Skansen. All days except Christmas Eve you can visit the houses and farms where Christmas is celebrated, the Christmas table is set or Christmas baking is in progress. Christmas market is going on for four weekends – 25 – 26 November, 2 – 3, 9 – 10 and 16 – 17 December.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm