Christmas fun at Skansen

By on November 29, 2016

Christmas is the children’s festival and at Skansen they get to brisk over the ice, making Christmas crackers and listen to the legends and fairy tales. There will be Christmas baking in Väla school and in Iron merchant’s house, and 8 January Christmas is danced out on Bollnästorget.

Dancing around the Christmas tree
No Christmas without games and dancing around the Christmas tree! When the Christmas orchestra plays you take each other’s hand, and keep pace with the dashing Christmas plays on the fly.
Ayla Kabaca, known from, among other Bolibompa and the Children community singing, sings and leads the dance the 3-4 and 17 to 18 December. Weekends, 26 to 27 November, and December 10 to 11 holds Ulrika Larsson in the program.

Christmas baking
In the Väla school is baked gingerbread at the home of the teacher family in the wood-burning stove 6 to 11 December. Christmas baking continues in Iron merchant’s kitchen December 13 to 18. There will be baking as in the 30s, with gingerbread, struvor, klenät and squirts.
Travel in time to Christmas past
Christmas was celebrated in many different ways before. Delsbo farm was a wealthy farm in Hälsingland where Christmas was celebrated with the showbread, beautifully shaped butter and roast veal. Instead of plates had bread for each guest. The children were playing in the straw and maybe someone came and knocked at the door. In flew a Christmas gift
In Oktorpsgården of Halland all gathered on Christmas Eve around a well furnished Christmas. Here they ate ham and porridge made at the exclusive rice grain. In the barracks from Sörmlandsleden lived poor family who worked in the large courtyard. Here, Christmas is simple but the Christmas spirit is still. Instead of ham, which is the nicest part of the slaughtered pig, ate one leg of pork. The ham was sold at the square in town.
Christmas crafts
Christmas is a time when both big and small want to busy oneself. In the Forest house is Christmas workshop where potteringleaders pottering helps with pottering. You can use both soft and hard materials, making straw crafts, old-gloss paper hearts, market caramels and cream cones. Adjacent to the pottering you may also try to re-cast candles on traditional way with experienced candle makers.
On weekdays it is mostly booked school groups coming to Christmas shop. Their work led by pottering instructors. Other Skansen guests on weekdays are welcome to potter subject to availability. On the weekends are Christmas workshop open to all. The cost in the Christmas workshop is 30, – per pottering.
Christmas ending January 8
Christmas lasts throughout December and over New Year, but January 8 is it over at Skansen. When Christmas is danced out under the guidance of Ayla Kabaca & the Christmas orchestra as well as play leaders from Skansen folk dance. Then you can also try pony riding or take a ride by horse and carriage. On Bollnästorget stands firepans ready for grilling sausages. Sausages, pies, mulled wine and other things can be bought at the Market Street, where the restaurant and Våffelbruket is open. Even sales of hot dogs on a stick for your own grilling sausages.
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