Christine Meltzer explores death

By on August 18, 2017

Death is constantly present in our lives. In popular culture, in the daily news reports, in difficult messages in the hospitals care departments and in the nearest family circle. Right now, the recordings of the new documentary series Meltzer & Döden, where Christine meets people who are closely linked to death, are ongoing, and she hopes to get a better understanding of people’s attitude to life and death to which she is so deeply fascinated.

Christine Meltzer has ever since she was little been afraid of death. When she four years ago suffered of breast cancer the fear grew to suddenly one day no longer live – and at the same time her interest in death increased. In a step towards overcoming her own fear, and giving other tools to relate to death, Christine meets people in Sweden and the world who, for various reasons, live with strong links to death.

– I’ve always been afraid to die, afraid of no longer being involved, afraid of leaving my friends and my family. Four years ago, I was told that I had breast cancer, and then it was like now, now it should happen, now it was here – the Death. I do not know more than anyone else, but I know it can happen to anyone, anytime. I think we are usually so bad at talking about death and I think we would feel good at daring to talk more about it. I think if we dare to talk more about death then maybe we dare to live a little more – we are only here right now. Right now. A moment on earth, says Christine Meltzer.

In the program gets we among other be part when Christne meets the adventurer Annelie who challenges the death by mountaineering and free diving. She meets Anders who will freeze down himself when he has died. Sasha who has been clinically dead tells about his experience and Per, who lost his entire family in a car accident, tells about his life after that. And then, Christine finds out what happens to our bodies when we die – how is work done on an autopsy section, a morgue and a crematorium? In addition, we get reflections on the life and death of some of Christine’s closest friends – Peter Magnusson, Tobias “Tobbe Wizard” Blom, Ann-Sofie Carringer and Emma Zackrisson.

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