Choreographer Cristina Caprioli at Millesgården

By on July 18, 2017

Like a stain of crude oil, the black pleated piece of cloth spreads over the floor. A formable surface that can be hidden behind, silenced by or visible to its place. In the exhibition I det dolda, the crease has a central place and the conversation is clear with the clad nudity of the historical sculpture. Through slideshows, films, soaps, rags, “skin” and a publication illuminated also the choreography covering by shapes that speak clearly as they are not revealed.

A number of key questions about power are addressed, while the non-disclosure cover is seen as a selective strategy. The intention is to let the art aesthetic experience debate a discussion about the hidden in social, cultural and political terms.

I det dolda is part of the extensive artistic project cloth designed within the independent organization ccap.

The exhibition is displayed in Millesgårdens Konstnärshem.

Cristina Caprioli, born October 22, 1953 in Italy, is a Stockholm-based dancer and choreographer. Since 2008 also a professor in choreographic composition at the Dance and Circus high school in Stockholm. During the mid 1990s, she began choreographing to 1998 founded the independent ccap organization. Ccap produces stage performances, installations, movies, objects, publications and other choreography.

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