Children race at Södermalm in favor of MSF

By on May 2, 2017

Stockholms Barnidrottsförening organizes the Sportcamp Run and Bamseloppet for the second consecutive year. A running race for children in favor of MSF. The race will take place on June 18 at Skanstull on Södermalm. New for this year is that Bamse is coming to visit.

The race will have two distances, one for the younger children, 550 meters and one for the older ones who are 1500 meters long.

The Sportcamp Run and Bamseloppet are organized for the benefit of the MSF’s efforts for children in need all over the world, and for each notification, at least 150: – is abbreviated to them.

“It’s great fun to do this. Last year, 105 children participated and we collected more than 17,000 SEK and this year comes Bamse also so we hope it will be even more this year. In addition, the handball club Bolton IK helps this year which facilitates the arrangement while the children can also test the handball. It has been noted that there is a great interest in running even among younger children and then being able to arrange such an event where they may have fun and to contribute a little to the doctor without borders work is amazing,” says Bijan Zarrasvand, company responsible at Stockholms Barnsidrottsförening.

In the course of the race there will also be a lot of activities for the children such as parkour, handball, five-match, face painting, and Bamses obstacle course.

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