By on November 9, 2018

Chicago artist SABA is one of the most interesting rappers right now. He has created success with the debut album “Bucket List Project” (including “Photosynthesis” and “Stoney” among others) and the latest album “CARE FOR ME” (with songs like “LIFE” and “LOGOUT” – the latter with the Chicago colleague and friend Chance The Rapper). He is now coming to Sweden and Debaser Strand – Friday 8 March!

It was also via Chance The Rapper’s acclaimed mixtape “Acid Rap” (from 2013), which SABA became known for the broad mass – through a celebrated guest verse on the song “Everybody’s Something”. SABA also performed at Chance The Rappers song “Angels” from 2015 – as they also performed live on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

SABA comes from a musical background where daddy (known as Chandlar) has done R & B and has been a major influence on SABA from childbirth. With the music of his life, SABA has dared to test the limits and often makes hip-hop like no-one else dared to …

With two albums behind him, he is already at the age of 24 one of the rap world’s most interesting. And on Friday, March 8, SABA comes to Sweden for the first time – and Debaser Strand in Stockholm!

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Södermalm