Chefs, all of which are women, take over the kitchen at Shibumi on February 19th

By on February 7, 2018

Next guest play in TakeOver Sweden Tour is at Shibumi in Stockholm on February 19th. TakeOver Sweden Tour is owned and operated by Linn Söderström and Lisa Lönner Pulkkinen and means that chefs – all women – take over the kitchen at some of Sweden’s best restaurants. Martin & Servera is the main sponsor of the guest play.

Kristina Ossmark, Marketing Director at Martin & Servera says:

“- In the industry, it is often said that female cooks are not visible on stage and in competition. TakeOvers guest shows around Sweden show that there are lots of talented chefs who are also women. They create good role models for young girls with an interest in our industry. We like that.”

In connection with the guest play, a mini-seminar will also be organized in which Sayan Isaksson participates. The seminar is open to everyone, subject to availability. Table booking for the guest play is available at

“Macho-power-dining” does not feel so relevant to us, so it’s extra fun to welcome just the TakeOver gang as the first guest chefs ever at Shibumi. I’ve been working with a lot of cooks over the years – it’s no coincidence that the two I hold highest are women.”

The evening’s 6 course menu costs 695 kr and complementary wine packs are available. The sitting starts at 17.00 and the seminar is at 15.00.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm