Charley’s aunt displayed on the TV

By on December 29, 2016

It is a long standing tradition that Swedish Television shows theater productions at Twelfth Night. It is an honor for us to be a part of this tradition with our most successful production ever. More than 20 000 people saw the set at Gunnebo and we are pleased that more people can enjoy the performance by SVTsays Lena Vikström, producer and CEO of Gunnebo House and Gardens.

Charley’s Aunt is a comedy classic that was written back in the 1890s. In the Gunnebo version we see, among other Claes Malmberg, Jan Malmsjö and Marianne Mörck. The text has been processed by Anders Aldgård, who also stood for directing and choreography. He has also written the lyrics which performs to new music by Thomas Darelid. After a summer at Gunnebo in Mölndal continued the production to sold-out lounges at the Gala Theatre in Malmö and the China Theatre in Stockholm. The recording was made in Malmö.

Summer theater has been played in Gunnebo Castle Park every year since 2002, ranging from classic Molière comedies to operetta and revue has been offered to the audience. In the summer of 2017 is played Spanish Fly, directed by Anders Aldgård among others Sven Melander, Ewa Roos, Hanna Hedlund and Stefan Ljungqvist. City of Mölndal, which owns Gunnebo, has backed the theater over the years.

Summer theater helps to put Mölndal on the map in both the cultural context and as a tourist destination. The unique framing at Gunnebo House and Gardens also shows up Mölndal from its best side,”says Anna Hiller, communications manager at City of Mölndal.

Charley’s Aunt shown on SVT1 and on SVT Play 4 January at 20:00.

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