Charity Dinner at Mathias Dahlgren Matbordet

By on December 11, 2016

In the Christmas time, we are reminded of the need to show compassion. For us it is important to look beyond the commerce and help where it is really needed. Therefore, we invite you to a charity dinner, where we, together with a chef from Mathias Dahlgren, offers the best of food and drink. The dinner takes place on Matbordet at Mathias Dahlgren on December 19 at 18:30.

Revenues for the dinner will go to the coffee producer Luis Roudrigeues and his farm Finca Nejapa in El Salvador. The area has been hit heavily by the coffee disease Roja and Luis are struggling to be able to continue to operate his farm according to organic statute, which is both costly and time consuming. While Luis fights to save the farm and coffee production, his wife suffered from cancer, which is a great strain on the entire family.

We want to help Luis in this difficult time and fulfill some of his goals, namely that local people get access to water and that solar energy is drawn to the farm to secure electricity supply. But we need your help!

For 3000 SEK help you not only Luis Roudriges and locals in Nejapa, you also get an incredible good dinner with food and drink. On December 22, closes Mathias Dahlgren Matbordet to open up an exciting new restaurant. For us, this will be a dignified way to end an amazing era. Mathias Dahlgren sponsors with local, ingredients and chefs, Wine Trade with wine and Drop Coffee with coffee from Luis farm. In January next year travels Drop Coffee over to Luis and his family and leave the gift from you who have been on this dinner.


Book on only 10 seats, first come first served.


Johan Andersson, Mathias Dahlgren
Niklas Jakobsson, Wine Trade
Joanna Alm, Drop Coffee

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