Champagne! From limedust to glamor

By on December 8, 2017
Jonas Lindström

Never before have so many drank as much champagne as today. The trend is global, but startling enough, Sweden is one of the countries in the world where the increase has been fastest. Since a few years, Sweden is the tenth largest champagne market in the world! Which the Spritmuseum in Stockholm has taken up on when they now show an exhibition about champagne.

The exhibition tells about soil type, fermentation, bubbles and much more about the production itself, but it also makes a drop in trends and popular culture. The champagne’s place in the hip hop, the stories about the champagne whisk and Marie Antoinette’s mythical breasts, as well as our own time’s increased focus on taste and champagne as a real wine and not just bubbly flares is reflected in the exhibition.

– We also look at the Swedish bubble story, says Eva Lenneman, intendent. It contains many fun stories about everything from the scandinavian vodka king L.O. Smith’s champagne war and Zarah Leander’s “seductive foam in single room” to whole-new options like Pommac and Champis. Ever since the 1980s, interest in the drink has increased explosively. Then, as now, champagne symbolizes so much more than it is in the bottle. Few drinks are so mythical and loaded with performances about luxury and flair like champagne.

– Jacob Dahlin brought in the champagne in the Swedish TV sofas in the 80’s with his famous “Skål tamejfan!” in the program Jacobs stege. It’s like the Stureplansbratsen pannings have their obvious place in the exhibition, continues Anna-Karin Svanberg, exhibition producer. The exhibition also tells us what makes the sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France so unique and how the cultivator campaign has become the new bubbling trend in the wine world.

Thursday to Saturday, Spritmuseum offers tests, many on the subject of champagne and of course, both bubbles and champagne are served in the museum’s bar and restaurant. Theme days with champagne producers are also planned on January 27 and March 10. For the entire program, see

50 and Fabulous!
Spritmuseum becomes 50 years and what fits better than celebrating an exhibition about champagne?

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm