“Chameleon” was released December 2

By on December 6, 2016

Måns Zelmerlöw has released the album “Chameleon”. An ambitious and well-made album including the hit singles “Fire In The Rain”, “Hanging On To Nothing” and a new hot single “Glorious”.

In some songs on the album has Måns come with most of the song himself, and let the other songwriters refine it, in other cases he has written for example the text.

In “The Wrong Decision” – a “what if” – song about what could have happened if he had made a different choice, he told what he wanted to say to Paddy Dalton, one of Mån’s personal favorite songwriter, and let he write the text.

What then is the biggest difference between the young artists who broke through in Sweden ten years ago and todays Måns Zelmerlöw?

– Self-confidence – not only in music but also in life. As a singer, I was actually pretty bad at the beginning! It feels as if the audience saw my potential before I did it.

But ten years of live performances have paid off.

– It’s all about finding your own voice, to know that it holds and sing things that really matter for one. When you go into the studio and turn out the lights, it becomes very clear if one rooted in the songs and the lyrics. I do now.

After a decade built a very successful career in Sweden has Måns recent years begun to turn his eyes overseas.

– It’s nice to be a clean slate. Performing your music with an open mind and know that it really works, says Måns.

He knows that he has accomplished his far the strongest albums and is willing to work hard. In the spring there will be a European tour, possibly followed by a turn in Asia, where interest is also large.

– Should I someday give abroad the chance then it is now, summarizes Måns Zelmerlöw.

To be continued.

Listen to “Chameleon” här.

1. Glorious
2. Beatutiful Lie
3. Happy land
4. Round Round feat Nabiha
5. Whistleblower
6. Hanging On To Nothing
7. Renegades
8. Primal
9. Fire In The Rain
10. Wrong Decision

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