Challengermode launches the world’s first permanent national league

By on May 26, 2018
Challengermode launches the world's first permanent national league

Challengermode, the world’s most accessible digital arena for competitive gaming are excited to announce the upcoming National Esports Leagues (“NEL”), with the goal of creating a clear path to the top for professional-gamers-to-be around Europe and the world. The NEL will be the first truly scalable, permanent amateur-to-pro league ecosystem for esports.

The NEL is more than just another national or regional-level league. It’s a new competitive ecosystem for esports that has been created to connect casual, non-professional gaming with professional esports. This ecosystem is based on several interconnected national or regional league competitions that anyone can participate in and that will see the best teams in every league rise to the top, culminating in a yearly European championship for the best teams.

With the flexibility and scalability of the Challengermode platform, every league competition will provide a theoretically infinite amount of divisions that allows gamers of all levels of skill to participate, compete and improve.

The first leagues are set to kick off in the Fall 2018, following a preseason in each of the two launch regions. These regions, which have been chosen based on interest from Challengermode’s existing community, include Scandinavia and the Baltics. Expansion into further countries is planned towards 2019; interest in the NEL by both the community and potential partners can be expressed official NEL page

The NEL is the most ambitious project to date that we’re working on in hope of creating a healthy esports ecosystem for Challengermode and our many partners, as well as creating the most accessible esports league possible. One of our key goals is taking away the barriers that keep gamers across the world from participating in esports competitions – be these a lack of accessibility, or a fear of having to compete against much higher skilled players. We envision a future where every esports athlete will be able to play their favorite esports at a skill level that is appropriate to them, and in an environment that is part of a much larger esports ecosystem.” – says Philip Skogsberg, CMO at Challengermode.

Sign-ups for the NEL pre-season are now open and can be found on the respective NEL pages for Scandinavia and the Baltics. For players from other countries, it’s possible to express interest in bringing an NEL competition to their country or region by signing up on The first esports to be included within the NEL are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and later Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. More information about the leagues can be found on NEL page.

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