Challengermode launches Nordic University Esports Championship Season 2

By on May 24, 2018
From Season 1 of the Nordic University Esports Championship

Challengermode is excited to announce its partnership with the University Esports Masters for the upcoming second season of the Nordic University Esports Championship. The competition will see the best university team in the Nordics compete against other top university teams from across Europe at the UEM European Championships in Tenerife, July 16-19.

The 2018 season of the NUEC will have university teams from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Finland compete in League of Legends during June to determine the best team from across the Nordics and win a fully covered trip to the European Championship in Tenerife. Teams can register to participate in the tournament here.

“We’re incredibly proud of our initiatives to further collegiate and grassroots esports across Europe. We see this partnership with the University Esports Masters as the perfect opportunity to help connect these students and give them a bigger goal to strive for – becoming the European University Champion.”
– says Philip Skogsberg, CMO of Challengermode

The European Championships for university esports is organized by the University Esports Masters (UEM). Eleven countries from across Europe organize championshipsthat determine their national representative to compete against the best student players on the continent. Portugal hosted the 2017 edition of the annual League of Legends series where representatives from six countries competed live in the Penafiel Arena near Porto.

The NUEC is one of five additional representatives that will participate in an expanded League of Legends competition for 2018 that will be held at the Tenerife Lan Party (TLP) from July 16 to 19.

Bringing students from different cultures together and providing them with the opportunity to travel to novel places creates lifelong memories. Moreover, we believe that esports is a great way to spur community engagement locally at universities. Many students have a strong sense of pride towards their universities or institutions, and we want to channel that passion to create a healthy rivalry between schools. Moreover, we believe that collegiate and school esports in general can turn students’ gaming interest into a constructive and rewarding habit within the context of their personal development and education.

Challengermode is a Swedish tech startup working on a competitive gaming platform that offers the most accessible competitive gaming experience for professional and non-professional gamers alike. Working closely with game developers, brands and tournament organizers, the Stockholm based company provides an esports platform built to combat a growing disconnect within the esports industry.

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