Chainsaw Massacre 45th Anniversary at Bio & Bistro Capitol

By on October 5, 2019

One day, a group of young people go out to the Texas countryside to visit a cemetery where they have heard that vandalism has taken place. After picking up, and throwing out, an unpredictable and violent lifter, they divide into smaller groups and eventually end up all in remote houses where they encounter a man wearing a mask made of human skin that begins to kill them one by one.

The chainsaw massacre has been called ‘the most hated movie in Sweden’s history’. In the infamous Studio S program in the winter of 1980, it became the symbol of all that video violence is called and triggered the largest viewing storm ever. The Swedish people demanded a ban, police raids crippled video Sweden, copies were seized and destroyed and traders were brought to trial.

But despite the moral panic, here and in the rest of the world, Tobe Hooper’s film became a huge success, earning SEK 350 million. 700 times their budget. And respected filmmakers like Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg showed their delight in the film. The latter so much so that he hired Hooper to direct the big success ‘Poltergeist’.

As a taste of a longer performance held at the National Archives later in October, Jens Kling and Joakim Andersson will tell the story of the Swedish film censorship before the evening’s performance. The duo, active at the National Archives, have dug deep into the National Biograph Bureau’s archive and produced anecdotes and exciting stories about the chainsaw massacre and other films!

Don’t miss the Chainsaw Massacre 45th Anniversary at Bio & Bistro Capitol Sunday 13th October 2019!

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